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Mehran Zareh

Postdoctoral researcher


Research topic

Robust connectivity maintanance in multi-agent systems.


In this research the focus is on  control development for multi agent systems to preserve network connectivity so that the robustness of the resulted network is maximized for different fails in communication links. In particular, we aim at cooperative multi-robots system controlled in a decentralized way and interact with human operators.


March 2012- April 2015: PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of Cagliari, Cagliari, Italy. (Thesis Title: Distributed controller design for multi-agent systems).

The research program carried out and described in the PhD thesis focuses on the design and analysis of automatically driven networked dynamical units so called multi-agent systems. In this framework, the agents communicate to each other and exchange some data so that, while each agent has only partial information of the whole system, the overall goal of the system is achieved. The agents’ models were inspired by different real world systems as multi-robots and power generators. The stability behavior of the designed controlled systems in the presence of communication delays was studied theoretically and it was shown to be dependent only on some general properties of the corresponding communication network topology which is an essential challenge in distributed controller design.

Sep 2013-Sep 2014: Visiting Researcher in Electrical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. (Research topic: Sampled networked systems).

In this collaboration, the focus was on distributed controller design for sampled networked systems. In addition to the above mentioned assumptions, in order to reduce the amount of the communications between the pairs of the agents, a sampled-data communication strategy was proposed. We supposed that the samplings are aperiodic, and we provided some proofs for the stability of the system.

Sep 2006-Sep 2009: MSc in Aerospace Engineering, Overall grade: A+. K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. (Thesis Title: Adaptive control of space launch vehicles).

In the thesis we used adaptive and intelligence methods to design controllers for space vehicles, and using hardware in the loop simulation scheme, the effectiveness of the designed controllers were investigated. This involved working on actuators design, position measurement, and a lot of different real-time systems programming skills.

Sep 2002-Sep 2006: BSc Mechanical Engineering, Overall grade: A. University of Birjand. (Thesis Title: Modelling saffron flower in wind tunnel).

Using MSC ADAMS and generating a wind model with C++, the aeodynamical behavior of saffron flower in a special wind tunnel was studied. The wind tunnel was indeed a part of a stamen picking machine.

Working experience

Sep 2009- Oct 2010: MDO and control research Lab , Tehran, Iran.

Involved in projects from the concept and detail of the design on orbital injection control problems. 

June 2006-Sep 2006: Kaveh marine and portal services company , Bandar-e Anzali, Iran.

Worked in R&D department, on the Crane rod fatigue estimation project. Prepared a technical note based on the results of modeling of load distribution estimation in MSC ADAMS and validated the results by the real data.

June 2005-Sep 2005: Iranian marine industrial company, Bandar-e Anzali, Iran.

Worked as a trainee in ship maintenance. Prepared a technical note based on statistical analysis.


Fluent English and Italian, Intermediate French and Arabic, basic Swedish, native Persian.

Areas of expertise

Dynamical modeling: ADAMS, Working Model.

3D design software: AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA.

Structural analysis: ANSYS

Programming: MATLAB, C++, FORTRAN.

Mathematical Modeling: MAPLE, SIMULINK, MATHEMATICA.

Operating systems: Linux, Windows.

Selected Publications